stabilisers can be chosen to match different ranges of input voltage fluctuation. In the ±15%/ ±20% and ±25%/ ±30% types, the change of input range is obtained through different internal connections.

They are housed in modular cabinets suitable for any industrial environment and able to tolerate mechanical stress that may occur during transport and installation. The ORION Plus voltage stabilisers regulate the output voltage independently on each phase. Similarly to the Orion stabilisers, the stabilisers can supply any single-phase, bi-phase and three-phase load even in case of and up to 100% unbalanced load current and asymmetrical mains distribution. In this configuration, the presence of the neutral wire is required.

The stabiliser can also operate without neutral wire by adding a device able to generate it (D/zn or D /yn isolating transformer or neutral point reactor).

The stabilisers are cooled via natural air ventilation, assisted by extracting fans when the cabinet internal temperature exceeds 45°C).

The measuring instrumentation is incorporated in a control panel on the cabinet door and consists of two multi-task digital line analysers. Such instruments are able to provide with information regarding the status of the lines upstream and downstream the voltage stabiliser such as phase and linked voltages, current, power factor, active power, apparent power, reactive power, etc. The operating status of the stabiliser can be easily monitored by means of the LED interface on the front panel, which displays all the information regarding the operating of the three phases and the possible alarms. LED lights signal ‘power on’, reaching of voltage regulation limits and direction of voltage regulation (increase/decrease). Alarms for minimum and maximum voltages, maximum current, overtemperature and ventilation failure are also indicated. The alarm indicators are accompanied by an acoustic alarm.

  • Up to 250kVA ±15%, an automatic circuit breaker is mounted on the regulation circuit to protect against overload and short circuit on the voltage regulator.

  • From 300kVA ±15%, an electronic voltage regulator protection system activates in case of overload on the voltage regulator. In such condition, the load supply is not interrupted, but the stabiliser output voltage is automatically set to the lower between the mains voltage and the pre-set output voltage. The service continuity is guaranteed, although the voltage is not stabilised. When the overload condition ceases to exist, the stabiliser switches automatically back to regular functioning.

The auxiliary circuits are protected by fuses.

The control logic, performed on the true RMS voltage, is based on the 2-way DSP microprocessor. The unit parameters and the output voltage reference can be set by using a personal computer, thus allowing for dealing directly in the field with any problems related to voltage stability. All ORION Plus stabilisers are provided with Class II SPD surge arrestors

ORION Plus / Standard features

Voltage stabilisation : Independent phase control
PC selectable output voltage : from 210V to 255V (L-N) / from 360V to 440V (L-L)
Frequency : 50/60Hz ±5%
Admitted load variation : Up to 100%
Admitted load imbalance : 100%
Cooling : Natural air ventilation (aided with fans over 45°C)
Ambient temperature : -25/+45°C
Storage temperature : -25/+60°C
Max relative humidity : 95%
Admitted overload : 200% 2min
Harmonic distortion : None introduced
Colour : RAL 7035
Protection degree : IP 21
Instrumentation : input & output digital multimetre
Installation : Indoor
Overvoltage protection : Output class II surge arrestor – Soft start through supercapacitors in case of blackout

ORION Plus / Rating in relation

± 15% ± 20% ± 25% ± 30% ± 15/-35% ± 15/-45%
80 60 45 30 45 30
105 80 60 45 60 45
135 105 80 60 80 60
150 120 90 80 90 80
175 135 105 90 105 90
200 150 120 105 120 105
250 175 135 120 135 120
320 250 200 150 200 150
400 300 250 200 250 200
500 400 300 250 300 250
630 500 400 300 400 300
800 630 500 400 500 400
1000 800 630 500 630 500
1250 1000 800 630 800 630