Rectifier Chargers GR(B)

The GR(B)-series is the basic charger available in the TECNED GR product family with limited options. It strictly adheres to a truly industrial design with convection cooling and is built for 20 years operational life-time.

The TECNED GR (B) Rectifier / Charger series is available from 24Vdc to 650Vdc nominal with up to 100A output in a single enclosure.

TECNED rectifier/chargers are based on Thyristor + Concept (SCR+IGBT) technology with a galvanic separation transformer, input PF 0.98, low input harmonics (<10%), standard low DC ripple (< 2% for 3-phase systems).

Like all GR-models, the GR(B)-series is short circuit proof, includes high DC protection as standard to protect the load and delivers a steady output voltage under al operating conditions.

Optional built-in batteries up to 9x 12V/100Ah for 110Vdc installations can provide back-up for small and medium installations. In combination with 12V/40AH and 12V/75AH batteries, up to 8 x 2P distributions MCB’s can be fitted for easy implementation.

The GR(B)-series is supplied in a floor standing sheet steel cabinet with bottom cable entry.

Input voltage single phase 110 / 120 / 200 / 220 / 230 / 240 / 277V, (2W+E)
Input voltage three phase 208 / 220 / 240 / 380 / 400 / 415 / 480V, (3W+E)
Input voltage range 15%/-20% (20% start battery operation)
nominal input frequency[Hz]50/60
allowable frequency range[Hz]40-70
input current THD[%]<10
power factorPF0.98
overall efficiency[%]Up to 95% (depending on DC bus voltage)
galvanic isolation Yes (input isolation transformer)
nominal output voltage[Vdc]24, 48, 60, 110 (125), 380 Vdc
Battery charging characteristic IU (DIN 41773), T° compensated floating voltage
DC voltage range[Vdc]24 – 280Vdc
Float charge setting (Cell)[Vdc]1.40-1.42V for Ni-cd or 2.17 -2.27V for Lead acid
output current I-nominal[A]1A to 100A (depending on DC voltage level)
battery charge current setting[%]0.1C to max-current adjustable with dip-switch
output voltage regulation[%]< 1 ( 0.5% static)
load step response time[ms]< 200 (0-to 100%)
ripple voltage (without battery)[%]< 5% with 1Ph input / < 2% with 3Phase input
current limiting[%]Yes
current accuracy[%]2%
long-term stability[%]0.15% for 1000 Hrs
soft start inrush current limit  
input(AC)short circuit protection by MCB
input(AC)overload protection electronically limited
output(DC)short circuit protection by Fuse / MCB
output(DC)overvoltage alarm (DC high) / auto-off / manual reset

battery overload/short circuit protection by Fuse / MCB and battery low voltage alarm

  • output voltage (DC)
  • output current (DC)
  • battery current +/- with zero point
  • LED lamp Operation ( green)
  • LED lamp Battery Operation (yellow)
  • LED lamp General Failure (red)
  • LED lamp Utility Failure (red)
  • LED lamp DC high alarm (red)
  • LED lamp DC low alarm (red)
  • button on
  • button off
  • button buzzer off
  • button lamp test

general alarm : 1 potential free contacts rated max 250VAC or 30VDC / 2A

Standard provided with 1x 2P load fusing at unit rating DC distribution up to 3x 2P fusing (option)

finish : powder coating RAL 7035
battery : internal battery space for units up to 20A
battery capacity : Up to 9 blocks 12V/100AH internal
dims (hxwxd) (mm) : 1500 x 600 x 450mm
weight : 70-220kG depending on configuration (excl. battery)
enclosure : sheet steel cabinet with front door access
cable entry : from bottom
protection : IP 20 Acc IEC 60529

ISO9001 : Quality management systems
IEC-60146 : Semiconductor converters – General requirements and line commutated converters
EMC 55011 : Industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) radio-frequency equipment—Radio disturbance characteristics—Limits and methods of measurement; Amendment A1:1999 to EN 55011:1998.
IEC- 62040-1 : Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) Part 1: General and safety requirements for UPS
IEC 61000-3-12 : Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 3-12: Limits – Limits for harmonic currents produced by equipment connected to public low-voltage systems with input current >16 A and L 75 A
IEC/61000-6-5 : Low voltage AC Surge 1.2/50 µs, 2 kV line to ground,1 kV line to line (equipment installed in power stations and MV substations. Low voltage DC Surge 1.2/50 µs, 2 kV line to ground, 1 kV line to line

storage temperature : -25 to + 70 °C
operating temperature : -10 to + 40 °C
humidity : max. 95%
installation altitude : < 1000 meter at full rate
derating : 7% per 1000 meter to 4000m
audible noise : 45 dBA
cooling : natural cooling (convection cooling)

High power factor IGBT/SCR conversion technology with very low input THDI and built-in galvanic separation transformer. Charging characteristic according DIN 41773 (UI)
High reliable due to failsafe control system and protection circuits