Endurance UPS

Online UPS 6-10KVA

Full galvanic isolation for safer operation and stronger load adaptability
Suitable to recharge large battery packs for several hours back-up time.

Endurance UPS

Online UPS 10-40KVA

Industrial-grade UPS system front access only with built-in LP inductor-capacitor circuit
to handle motor loads and built-in 10-year battery.

Flex UPS

Online UPS 10-40KVA

High efficiency, programmable online UPS with standard parallel function, dry contacts
and RS-485 and double battery pack for longer backup times within standard enclosure.


Online UPS 10-200KVA

Robust design for industrial environments with IGBT input / inverter transformer output


Online UPS 60-1200KVA

Modular, hot swappable design for easy maintenance without down-time.
High efficiency with state of the art firmware for management and control.


Online UPS 100-1000KVA

Industrial modular solution with built-in redundancy and LP inductor circuit
suitable to supply motor loads, industrial robots, CNC machines and filling lines.

Industrial Power

TECNED full range of rectifier/chargers, inverters, converters, and UPS systems.

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