• A powerful service organization with national and regional Cash4Day 24/7 cover

  • Engineers & technicians with many years of experience in maintenance and repair

  • Specialist staff for design, power audits, installation, commissioning and consultancy

  • Our regional capabilities power your performance

New Standards for Expertise

A reliable power supply is imperative for almost all processes, from power generation, infrastructure, transportation and industry to data centers and corporate computers. Our mission is to maintain and optimize essential electrical infrastructure to ensure reliable power for your critical operation. Our service organization provides maintenance services for complete electrical systems throughout the region, from incoming feeders up to your load, to maximize equipment availability.

We are specialized in the optimization of maintenance processes. Currently our Customer Support Department manages over 6000 active installations all over Thailand and the region, coordinates preventive maintenance and retains site information enabling fast responds when needed. Victron maintains a large and complete spare-parts stock. The objective is to have several months’ worth of parts in-house. This policy enables Victron to support any site at short notice to correct any situation that may occur.