GR ( SF/D ) product range

The TECNED GR(SF/D) Rectifier / Charger series is available from 24Vdc to 220Vdc nominal with up to 400A output in a single enclosure. The GR(SF/D) series can be configured to charge common battery types from VRLA to NICAD.

The GR (SF/D) series can be supplied as standard or fault tolerant systems within a single enclosure to meet customer requirements for safety and reliability.

The GR-SF (software free) model is a strictly analog charger available with natural convection and forced air cooling depending on rating. Standard features include battery- A / load-V metering, mains failure / DC-high/low and general alarm with potential free contacts and input/output and battery fuse monitoring.

The GR-D model includes an additional digital controller with LCD display that shows the systems current state of operation and system values, allows setting of system parameters and includes event and alarm logs

Input voltage single phase 110 / 120 / 200 / 220 / 230 / 240 / 277V, (2W+E)
Input voltage three phase 208 / 220 / 240 / 380 / 400 / 415 / 480V, (3W+E)
Input voltage range 15%/-20% (20% start battery operation
nominal input frequency[Hz]50/60
allowable frequency range[Hz]40-70
input current THD[%]<10
power factorPF0.98
overall efficiency[%]Up to 95% (depending on DC bus voltage)
galvanic isolation Yes (input isolation transformer)
nominal output voltage[Vdc]24, 48, 60, 110 (125), 220 (240), 380 Vdc
Battery charging characteristic IU (DIN 41773), T° compensated Battery charging characteristic floating voltage
DC voltage range[Vdc]24 – 380Vdc
Float charge setting (Cell)[Vdc]1.40-1.42V for Ni-cd or 2.17 -2.27V for Lead acid
output current I-nominal[A]10A to 600A (depending on DC voltage level)
battery charge current setting[%]0.1C to max current
output voltage regulation[%]< 1 ( 0.5% static)
load step response time[ms]< 200 (0-to 100%)
ripple voltage (without battery)[%]<5% with 1Ph input / < 2% with 3Phase input
current limiting[%]Yes
current accuracy[%]2%
long-term stability[%]0.15% for 1000 Hrs
soft start inrush current limit  
input(AC)short circuit protection by MCB
input(AC)overload protection electronically limited
output(DC)short circuit protection by Fuse/ MCB
output(DC)overvoltage alarm (DC high) / auto-off / manual reset
battery overload/short circuit protection by Fuse/ MCB and battery low voltage alarm
  • LED lamp Operation ( green)
  • LED lamp Battery Operation (yellow)
  • LED lamp General Failure (red)
  • LED lamp DC high alarm (red)
  • LED lamp DC low alarm (red)
  • LED lamp Utility Failure (red)
  • LED lamp Fan Failure (red) (when applicable)
  • button on
  • button off
  • button buzzer off
  • button lamp test

Potential free contacts: general alarm / Utility failure / DC low / DC high

Type : Floor standing cabinet with front door acccess / Aluzinc frame
Finish : Powder coat RAL 7035
Dimensions : From 1800 x 600 x 600 to 2000 x 800 x 800 mm per assembly (depending on rating)
Weight : Up to 650 Kg per assembly (depending on rating)
Protection : standard IP 20 (Option up to IP 65)

ISO9001 : Quality management systems
IEC- 60146 : Semiconductor converters – General requirements and line commutated converters
EMC 55011 : Industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) radio-frequency equipment—Radio disturbance characteristics—Limits and methods of measurement; Amendment A1:1999 to EN55011:1998.
IEC- 62040-1 : Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) Part 1: General and safety requirements for UPS
IEC 61000-3-12 : Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 3-12: Limits -Limits for harmonic currents produced by equipment connected to public low-voltage systems with input current>16 A and ≤ 75 A
IEC/61000-6-5 : Low voltage AC Surge 1.2/50 μs, 2 kV line to ground,1 kV line to line (equipment installed in power stations and MV substations. Low voltage DC Surge 1.2/50 μs, 2 kV line to ground, 1 kV line to line

storage temperature : -25 to + 70 °C
operating temperature : -10 to + 40 °C
humidity : max. 95%
installation altitude : < 1000 meter at full rate
derating : 7% per 1000 meter to 4000m
audible noise : 50 to 65 dBA (depending on cooling)

  • High power factor IGBT/SCR conversion technology with very low input THDI and build-in galvanic separation transformer.
  • Charging characteristic according DIN 41773 (UI)
  • High reliable due to failsafe control system and protection circuits