TTB-i Series UPS

Flex 10-40kVA



  • Adopting IGBT rectification technology, high input power factor, low input current harmonics, friendly to the grid
  • Using battery intermittent charging function, avoid the battery from long-term floating charge and vulcanization, and extend the battery life
  • Innovative battery feed to grid discharge function enables high current battery discharge test without dummy load
  • Innovative UPS capacitance online monitoring function in display, early warning of capacitor anomalies
  • Innovative BLOCK battery sharing function realizes the redundancy of UPS functional components and improves the availability of parallel system
  • Ultra-wide range of battery number adjustability, individual battery failure can be removed on site and quickly restore the backup power supply
  • Compatible with lithium-ion batteries, flywheels, super capacitors and other new energy storage media
  • Suitable for industrial load: 100% unbalanced load, 100% non-linear load, with energy backfilling absorption function
  • Circuit board with anti-paint coating treatment to resist moisture, mildew and salt spray
  • Isolation air duct design for power circuit and magnetic devices to ensure good heat dissipation
  • The machine adopts low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant cables

TTB-i series

MODEL TTB-i 3310 TTB-i 3320 TTB-i 3330 TTB-i 3340 TTB-i 3350 TTB-i 3360 TTB-i 3380 TTB-i 33100 TTB-i 33120 TTB-i 33160 TTB-i 33200
Input Voltage (Vac) 380/400/415 (L-L)
Voltage Range (Vac) -25%~+25%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60±10%
Bypass tracking range(Hz) 50/60±10% (programmable)
Phase 4W+PE
Battery voltage(VDC) 348~480
Power Factor (PF) Power Factor (PF)
Voltage (Vac) Voltage (Vac)
Frequency (Hz) Frequency (Hz)
Wave Wave
Overload Overload
Efficiency Efficiency
Communication Dry Contact, RS485, MODBUS
Alarm Abnormal AC input, low battery, Overload
Option DC cold start, Parallel, Waterproof Roof, SNMP/RS232, Lightening Protection C
Protection Low battery voltage, Overload, Short circuit, over temperature, low input voltage
Working Temperature (°C) -5 ~40
Relative Humidity 0%~95% (RH)
Noise (dB) <65
Dimension (W×D×H)(mm) 600×800×2000 1000×800×2000
Weight (kg) 350 380 420 445 500 525 630 670 800 1020 1150